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1747 Hubbard Road

Madison, OH. 44057

Supervisor/Paul Cook

Road Garage: (440) 428-4981 or (440) 428-5128


The Madison Township Service Department is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Township's 53 miles of roadways; stormwater systems, maintaining five parks and seven cemeteries, as well as township owned buildings and grounds. The Service Department also manages the Township's Chipper/Yard Waste Program and maintains the road right-of-ways for safety and beautification purposes.

Madison Township is comprised 38 square miles with 53.510 miles of roads that our Service Department maintains, while the Lake County Engineer's Office is responsible for maintaining 50.59 miles of county roads in the Township and the Ohio Department of Transportation (O.D.O.T.) is responsible for maintaining 19.75 miles of state and federal roads in Madison Township.

The Service Department handles the necessary maintenance of the Township's equipment and 25 fleet vehicles including conducting State vehicle inspections, with the exception of e-check.

Service Department Information:



Annual Chipper/Yard Waste Program:

The chipper/yard waste program is estimated to begin April 6th, 2024. The hours for the Chipper/Yard Waste Program are 8:00 A.M. until 12:00 P.M. Saturday's and 3:00 PM-7:00 PM on Wednesday  (Click here for the 2024 Chipper & Yard Waste Schedule)

Road Maintenance Responsibility:

Not all roads in Madison Township are the responsibility of the Madison Township Trustees to maintain. Certain roads in Madison are maintained by Lake County, while others are maintained by the State of Ohio. For a list of designated road maintenance responsibility, please click here.

Madison Township Mailbox Replacement Policy:

Mailboxes are a road obstruction within the township road right-of-ways; that may represent a hazard to the traveling public. Ohio Revised Code Section 5547.03, 5547.04; Manufacturer's National Bank of Detroit v. Erie City, Road Comm. (1992), 63 Ohio St. 3d 318.

Mailboxes damaged by DIRECT contact with a vehicle or it's plow blade while performing Township maintenance operations will be repaired or replaced with a 4 x 4 treated wooden post, and a mailbox approved by the United States Postal Service. Damage by thrown and/or pushed snow does not warrant a replacement. In the event the mailbox is of a specialty and/or custom constructed, the Township's liability per occurrence is limited to a mailbox unit as directed above or a cash settlement not to exceed $100.00. The expensive plastic style mailboxes will NOT be replaced. An inspection of the damaged mailbox by the Madison Township Service Department along with a signed release form is required prior to payment. 

Mailbox Rules for Residents:

  • Keep the mailbox as far from the white-edge lines as practical.

  • Snow removed from your driveway should not be placed on the roadway or in a location that requires a plow to throw it at the mailbox.

  • Mailbox posts MUST break-away and CANNOT be mounted on anything bigger than a 4x4 wood post and/or 2 inch diameter standard strength steel pipe.

Welcome to the Ohio Utilities Protection Service

By law, everyone MUST contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning any digging project.

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