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Road Responsibility

If you have questions or concerns regarding a road; the following lists will help you determine who you should call. Road responsibility pertains to anything to do with maintenance of the roadway, including trees in the tree lawn area, storm water, pot holes, sink holes, & etc.

If you are still unsure, feel free to contact the Madison Township Administrative Offices for assistance.

Madison Township 53.55 Miles of Maintained Roads (440) 428-5128

Davista Dr.

Dayton Rd. Ext. (River Rd. to Dead End)

Debbie Pl.

Deermont Ave.

DeRubertis Dr.

Devon St.

Dewey Rd.

Division Rd.

Dock Rd. (Lake Rd. to Lake Erie)

Dorchester Dr.

Douglas Ln.

Dunbar Rd.

Dundee St.

Dunedin St.

E. Loveland Rd.

Earl Ave.

Easton Ave.

Eastview Ct.

Edgewood Ave.

Elm Ave.

Emerson Rd.

Erie Ave.

Erieview Dr.

Everwood Dr.

Falkirk Rd.

Fisher Rd.

Fisherman's Trl.

Forest Glen Rd.

Forest Pl.

Genung St.

Glasgow St.

Glenview Ave.

Grand Ave.

Green Rd. (Chapel Rd. to Lake Erie)

Greenbriar Ln.

Grove Ave.

Haines Rd. (Chapel Rd. to Lake Erie)

Hall Ave.

Hambden St.

Haywood Ave.

Hazel Ave.

Heather Rd.

Heritage Ave.

Homestead Rd.

Huron Ave.

Indianola Dr.

Inverness St.

Keith Dr.

Kelso Dr.

Kimball Dr.

Kirkwall St.

Klasen Rd.

Lake Overlook Dr.

Lake Rd W (Hubbard Rd to Redbird Rd)

Lake Shore Blvd.

Lake View Ave.

Larkhall St.

Lewis St.

Little Green Ln.

Madison Ave.

Magnolia Dr.

Manatee Ave.

Maple Ave.

Maxwell Dr.

Meadow Wood Dr.

Meadows Rd.

Meanderingwood Blvd.

Mohawk Dr.

Montrose St.

Northway Rd.

Norton Dr.

October Ln.

Old Mill Rd.

Oldsmar Ave.

Orkney Rd.

Ormond Ave.

Ornelda Ave.

Ottawa Ave.

Oxford Dr.

Paisley Rd.

Palisade Dr.

Park Ave.

Parkview Dr.

Perth Rd.

Pleasant Pl.

Redbird Rd.

River Rd. (SR 528 to Bates Rd.)

River Rd. Ext (River Rd to Dead End)

Riverdale Dr.

Roe Blvd.

Rosena Ave.

Sandgate Rd.

Scotland St.

Sebring Ave.

Selkirk Dr.

Seneca St.

Shelly (Dr. & Way)

Shore Dr.

Shoreacre Dr.

Silver Ash Trl.

Silvertree Ct.

Simmons Pl.

Southern St.

Spring Grove Rd.

St. James Dr.

St. John Dr.

Stirling Rd.

Stocking Rd. (Ledge Rd to Sidley Rd)

Stonehaven Rd.

Sussex Pl.

Swetland Rd.

Tarbell Ave.

Todd Dr.

Travers Rd.

Travis Dr.

Trinity Rd.

Tweed Ln.

E. Tuttle Rd.

W. Tuttle Rd.

N. Watling Way

S. Watling Way

W. Loveland Rd.

West St.

Whitesands Dr.

Whitewood Dr.

Windjammer Ct.

Woodside Dr.

Yale Ave.

Aberdeen Rd.

Abiding Way

Amity Dr.

Angela Ln.

Ansonia Ave.

Anthony Ct.

Arbor St.

Arcola Rd.

Argyle Dr.

Arthur St.

Ashview Dr.

Atwater Rd.

Avalon Ave.

Bailey Rd.

Banbury Oval

Bank St.

Bates Rd. (Rt. 307 to River Rd.)

Bathgate Ave.

Bay Meadow St.

Beach Dr.

Beechersbrook Ln.

Belleair Ave.

Benjamin Rd.

Berwick St.

Brighton Pl.

Brighton Way

Byron Dr.

Cambrian St.

Campbell Dr.

Canterbury Dr.

Chapel Rd. Ext. (McMackin Rd to Lake Overlook Dr.)

Chapin Rd.

Chapman Ave.

Chaucer Way

Chimney Ridge

Circle Dr.

Claymoor Ave.

Cloverleigh Dr.

Clyde Rd.

Compton St.

Cummings Blvd.

Cunningham Rd. 

Dave Dr.

Lake County Engineer 50.59 Miles of Maintained Roads (440) 350-2770

Bates Rd. (Middle Ridge to SR 307)

Bennett Rd.

Burns Rd.

Cashen Rd.

Chapel Rd.

Countyline Rd.

Dayton Rd.

Dock Rd. (Lake Rd to N. Ridge Rd)

Doty Rd.

Ford Rd.

Green Rd. (N. Ridge Rd. to Chapel Rd)

Griswold Rd.

Haines Rd. (N Ridge Rd to Chapel Rd)

Hubbard Rd (N Ridge Rd to Lake Erie)

Lake Rd. (Hubbard Rd to Dock Rd)

Ledge Rd (Rt 528 to Geauga Co Line)

Lockwood Rd.

McMackin Rd. 

Middle Ridge Rd. (Townline Rd. to High School)

Middle Ridge Rd. (SR 528 to County Line Rd)

River Rd.

Ross Rd.

Townline Rd.

Wood Rd.


State/Federal 19.75 Miles of Maintained Roads (O.D.O.T) (440) 354-2191

SR 528 (aka Hubbard Rd.) (N Ridge Rd to Middle Ridge Rd.)

SR 528 (aka Madison Rd.) - SR 307 to Geauga Line

SR 20 (aka North Ridge Rd.) - Townline Road to Countyline Road

SR 84 (aka South Ridge Rd.) - East from Bates Rd. to County Line Rd. and West from Dayton Rd. to the Perry Line)

SR 307 (aka Warner Rd.) - Rt. 528 to Countyline Rd.

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