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Tim Brown


Office: (440)428-5128

Fax: (440)428-1371

Email: [email protected]

Administrative Asst.

Kathryn Garden

Office: (440) 428-5128

Email: [email protected]

Madison Township Administration provides for the oversight of township operations such as: buildings and grounds, roadways, parks, cemeteries, storm sewers, and zoning. The responsibility for the roadways is divided amongst various governmental entities. Madison Township maintains 53.55 miles of roadway in the Township. The Lake County Engineer's Department maintains 50.59 miles of county roads within Madison Township. State/Federal The Ohio Department of Transportation (O.D.O.T.) maintain 19.75 miles of state roads in Madison Township.

Important Road Information

The Madison Township Service Department is asking for your help by reporting any sink holes in township roadways that you may come across to the Township Administrative Offices. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!

To report a sink hole please contact:

Administrative Office - (440) 428-5128

Monday through Friday - 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

After Hours or on Weekends - (440) 428-2116

Non-Emergency Police Dispatch

Important Reminders
Township Roadway Facts

Please do not pile sticks and leaves in the roadside ditches or culverts. The township does not do leaf or branch pick up. Putting your yard waste in the roadside ditches can cause flooding for you and your neighbors.

Please do not plant trees, shrubs, or flowers in the road right-of-way. Any plantings in the road right-of-way are subject to removal. If you need assistance determining where the road right-of-way on your road is located, please contact the Zoning Office at (440) 428-1120.

Stormwater Management

Madison Township is a Level 2 Member Community that contracts with the Lake County Stormwater Management Department to provide storm water services. The Lake County Stormwater Management Department works to make sure that the creeks and streams that run through our community are clean and free of pollutants and obstructions. This allows storm water runoff to flow freely reducing the chance of flooding. Take a look at these storm water articles that will help you understand how you can do your part to keep our creeks and streams, and ultimately Lake Erie, clean.

Sewer Treatment System Information

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