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During the summer and fall of 2014 the Madison Township Zoning Commission held public hearings on adopting zoning rules that regulate "Personal Property Sales" also known as Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Moving Sales, and Estate Sales. This was done because of many complaints received by the township from neighbors who had to endure traffic, noise, and in some cases a constant and continual summer long sale in their neighborhood. 

On October 28, 2014 the Board of Madison Township Trustees held a public hearing to review the Township Zoning Commission's recommendation for Personal Property Sales. On November 12, 2014 the Board of Trustees adopted the new zoning regulations regarding Personal Property Sales. These new regulations took effect on December 12, 2014.

One of the new requirements for Personal Property Sales is that a resident must register with the Zoning Department prior to having a sale. There is NO COST to register a sale. To register, a resident can call the Zoning Office at (440) 428-1120, or fill out the online registration form.

Below are the newly adopted Personal Property Sale Zoning regulations:


     103.8.1 - There is a limit of three (3) sales at a premise during any twelve (12) month period.

     103.8.2 - Each sale must not exceed more than four (4) consecutive calendar days in length, and must be a minimum of thirty (30) days apart. - Individuals having a Personal Property Sale must register their sale days with the Madison Township Zoning Inspector. There will be NO COST to register the Personal Property Sale. However, failure to register a Personal Property Sale will be considered a zoning violation and future sales may be prohibited.

103.8.3 - SIGNS: - Signs must be placed outside of the right-of-way on private property with permission of the property owner. - One (1) sign is allowed upon the lot where the sale is taking place and up to five (5) signs are allowed at remote locations advertising the sale. - All signs can be placed twenty-four (24) hours prior to the sale and must be removed within twenty-four (24) hours of the last day of the sale. - No Personal Property Sale sign can exceed ten (10) square feet in size.

103.8.4 PROHIBITED LOCATIONS: - Sales are prohibited on the premises of apartment buildings or complexes. - Sales are prohibited on vacant lots and abandon properties.

103.8.5 - Vehicles shall not impede the passage of traffic on any road, street, or cul-de-sac in the area of the premises where the sale is being conducted.

103.8.6 - Churches and Non-Profit Organizations are exempt from these requirements except for the regulations outlined in Section 103.8.3 - Signs.

New Definition Section 101:

PERSONAL PROPERTY SALES: All general sales, open to the public, conducted from or on land that is residentially used for the purpose of disposing of personal property including, but not limited to, all sales entitled "garage", "yard", "estate", or "moving."

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