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Madison Township Officers routinely respond to deer vs. vehicle collisions. Although the frequency of these incidents spike in the fall and winter months, they do occur on a year-round basis. In some instances the involved motorist wishes to keep the animal for harvest but many times, we are left with unclaimed game.

In an effort to prevent animals from going to waste, the Madison Township Police Department maintains a "call-out list" for persons who may be interested in responding to pick up the animal from the scene.


Persons should considering the following before adding themselves to the call-out list;


1.) You must have access to a vehicle appropriate for transporting a fully mature deer. 

2.) You must be willing to respond within a reasonable amount of time (typically within 30 min.) to           prevent the meat from spoiling.

3.) You must be at least 18 years of age.

4.) Understand that a dispatcher may call you at any hour, day or night on any day of the year.

5.) If you are unable to meet any of the above criteria, the next person on the list will be                              contacted.         


To be added to the call-out list, complete all fields below and click "submit". DO NOT include any dashes in your phone number

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