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Currently the contracted "Duty Tow" for the Madison Township Police Department is King's Towing. If your vehicle was impounded by police order (meaning your vehicle was towed by law and not by your request) you will need to obtain a "tow release" document from the police department before reclaiming your vehicle.  

1.) Releases may be obtained at the Madison Township Police Department, 2065 Hubbard Rd., Madison, Ohio 

     Mon-Fri (8:00am - 4:30 pm)

2.) Be sure to bring;
     -Your driver's license
     -Proof of ownership (vehicle title, vehicle registration, or insurance declaration page)
     -Proof of insurance

3.) With the tow release in hand, you may now proceed to King's Towing located at 3461 Blackmore Rd., Perry, OH, 44081.               Contact King's Towing directly at 440-221-6123 for their hours of operation.  

4.) You will be required to pay the tow bill and any fees associated with the tow at this time. There is no standard tow fee as               several factors influence the cost of any given tow. Storage fees will also be assessed. All fees are set by King's Towing.

*The above procedure does not apply to vehicles requiring a court-release or those on an investigatory hold. If you are unsure      if a hold has been placed against your vehicle, contact King's Towing directly at 440-221-6123 to inquire.        

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