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A Brief History of the Madison Township Police District

When Madison Township was established in 1811, Luke Bonesteel was appointed as Constable, establishing the first law enforcement presence in the area.  This was 29 years prior to the founding of Lake County, Ohio. 


For the next 155 years this constabulary, with the assistance of the Lake County Sheriff's Office, served as the only Law Enforcement in Madison Township.


As population increased in the 1950's the residents recognized a need for an increased law enforcement presence.  In 1958 the Board of Trustees appointed the first Chief Constable, Elmer Wargelin.  This part-time position was to be rotated each year to a different constable on staff.

In 1961 the first full-time Chief Constable, Charles Welsh, was appointed.  He also served as the Township's Zoning Inspector.


Fifty years ago this month, September 13, 1966, the Madison Township Board of Trustees passed a resolution establishing the Madison Township Police District.  In October of that year a motion was passed by the board appointing, Charles Welsh as the first Chief of the Police District, Clarence Albanese as Lieutenant and James Whipple, Elmer Wargelin, E. Carson Rogers and Francis Horvath as patrolmen.


Fifty years later, the largest geographical township in Ohio is home to over 18,000 residents.  Madison Township is served by a police department of 17 full-time officers (down from a high of 21), 6 part-time officers, 8 dispatchers, and 1 clerk.  The department maintains a full-time detective bureau and a 24 hour dispatch center.


In 2015, the Madison Township Police Department handled 15,418 calls for service, wrote 2,090 incident reports, and made 1,476 total arrests including 123 felony arrests.


While entering into the next 50 years of service, the Madison Township Police Department remains committed to the safety of its residents and grateful for the support this community has always provided.

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