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EFFECTIVE DATE: November 10, 2023


Police Division: Administration

Reports to: Telecommunications Supervisor

Supervises: None

Civil Service Status: Non-Classified

Probation Period: 1-year

Employment Status: Part Time

Work Hours: Vary

Pay Rate/Hourly: 

 Part Time Dispatcher - $25.13

 FT Probation / while in training - $25.13

 Full Time Dispatcher / Permanent Part Time PPT) - $26.32

 FT Dispatcher (A TAC) Assigned - $27.32


Application Deadline: Until filled (open)


Percentage Involvement

40- Interaction with public

30- Interaction with telecommunications equipment

20- Records work

10- Other related duties



- Valid Ohio driver's license

- High School diploma or equivalent

- 18 years of age or older



This position is responsible for the effective, efficient operation of the Madison Township Police Department Communication Center and Information Section [Records Section].

The Telecommunication/Information Officer (TI) performs other related duties as required. TI’s may be required to wear distinctive uniforms as designated by the Chief of Police.



(All responsibilities may not be performed by all incumbents.)

With or without accommodations, must be able to:


1. Get along well with others

2. Have regular and predictable attendance

3. Exercise rational judgment and control of emotions when responding to emergencies

4. Maintain the trust, faith, and confidence of members who depend on his/her decision-making

5. Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse

6. Self-initiate work priorities and work independent of direct supervision

7. Be loyal by affirmatively promoting the lawful priorities and directives of management.

8. Ability to remain calm in stressful situations and maintain professionalism while interacting with potentially agitated, abusive and/or argumentative individuals.



1. This position is responsible for receiving requests for police assistance and directing necessary response. TI’s will be required to receive incoming calls, obtain essential data, evaluate the situation, and initiate the appropriate responses. TI's will be required to receive and transfer telephone messages; maintain logs and records of information regarding incoming calls and responses initiated.


2. TI's must have the ability to exercise sound judgment in dispatching police units and coordinating with fire/rescue resources and other law enforcement agencies. They must provide general information to the public or refer them to alternative sources. TI's maintain a wide variety of records and logs and they conduct file searches as necessary. TI's must obtain a thorough operating knowledge of the Ohio Law Enforcement Data System (LEADS) or other required computer systems, and must be able to code messages, enter messages, or inquire into the system as necessary.


3. TI's also operate audio-visual monitoring systems and must be physically capable of distinguishing colors and tones. The primary work station for the TI's will be in the Communications Center, a room which is a designated no smoking area, or in the Information Section [Records Section].


4. All TI's must be willing and able to work irregular hours, rotating shifts, holidays, week-ends, and the like. TI’s may work independently and/or under the general supervision of sworn police personnel.





Electronics Console


Books and Manuals


Notice: An individual who poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others in the workplace will be deemed not qualified for this position.

With or without accommodations:

1. Possess good hearing in order to hear alarms, the human voice,

2. Possess an audible voice for in-person and radio communications,

3. Possess sufficient body strength in order to perform normal duties of the position, and

4. Ability to sit, stand, stoop and bend, and walk about.


Operates telecommunications equipment and normal office equipment (e.g., radios, computers, fax machines, telephones, copying machines)


- Police Department policies and procedures, rules and regulations

- Office practices and procedures

- Administrative and clerical practices and procedures

- Public relations issues

- Computer operations and related office equipment and software

- Organizing and planning techniques

- English grammar and composition

- Spreadsheet and database software

- Basic security procedures

- Personal customer service standards



- Organize, prioritize and coordinate multiple tasks

- Handle problems involving varied and unrelated processes and methods

- Gather, collate and summarize data

- Operate standard office equipment including computers, photocopiers, FAX

- Maintain accurate records

- Prepare correspondence

- File material numerically, alphabetically, and/or chronologically

- Perform routine maintenance on office equipment

- Attend training conferences and meetings, as required

- Maintain confidentiality



1. Ability to be articulate while speaking via radio and telephone.

2. Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions, giving close attention to detail and accuracy.

3. Ability to read and interpret documents operation and maintenance instructions, procedure manuals, and so forth.

4. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.

5. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.



Work is performed indoors in standard office environment with an occasional requirement of lifting heavy objects (e.g., supplies, records, and the like).

In addition to standard office environment, the incumbent may have:

- exposure to firearms

- exposure to crowds

- exposure to potentially violent or emotionally distraught persons

- necessity for frequent sitting for extended periods of time, and

- exposure to close contact with computer monitors


The incumbent may be removed with or without personal fault. Economic conditions that cause reductions in work force, the member's inability to attend regularly to work, and a failure to perform competently on any of the essential functions of the position or consistently failing to perform competently on regular duties and tasks are among the major reasons for job removal without fault.

Failures to uphold the mission of the Police Department, committing gross acts of disloyalty, and not complying with preconditions for original employment are major reasons for termination with fault. Requiring excessive amounts of supervisory counseling and/or remedial training are among major reasons for termination with or without fault.


NOTE: This class specification should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the essential functions and requirements of this class. Incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this description. Any essential function or requirement of this class will be evaluated as necessary, should an incumbent/applicant be unable to perform the function or requirement due to a disability as defined by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), reasonable accommodations for the specific disability will be made for the incumbent/applicant when possible.

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