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Welcome to Madison Township from the Board of Madison Township Trustees.  We believe you will find your visit to our community very enjoyable with much to do and see.  Madison Township is one of the largest townships in the State of Ohio comprising over forty square miles of rural farms, vineyards nursery land, but with very urban style neighborhoods along the shores of Lake Erie. Visitors can enjoy our three township parks that are along our coastline.  Watching magnificent sunsets in the evening from Stanton Park or Tuttle Park or enjoying the manicured sandy beach, and having a picnic lunch in our pavilion at Madison Township Park there is lots to do along the lakefront.  Traveling to the southern half of our township we have seven different wineries for visitors to enjoy.  We have a growing season here in Madison that is ideal for growing grapes and producing fine wines. The wines produced here locally are award winning and some of the finest wines you will find anywhere in the country.  Many of our wineries also include an array of fine food for those visitors that want more than just wine.  Madison people are friendly, and we like to talk about our community to visitors.  We hope you enjoy your time here in Madison Township, and that you will make Madison a regular destination to visit when you are traveling in northeast Ohio.    

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